Hello My Name Is Ella K Sol


With head-bobbing grooves and candid lyrics each track from 17-year-old Nashville native Ella K Sol’s debut EP Hello My Name Is shines with authenticity. Stream her songs here:

Hello My Name Is will be out on February 19. Paving the way for the EP, Ella K Sol released her debut song and video for “The Great Mistake”, followed by the song and video release of “Time Capsule Picture.” See the video for “Time Capsule Picture” here:

In “The Great Mistake” Ella tells a story of when heartache turns to freedom and the realization that sometimes the end of a relationship can be the greatest gift of all. “This song reminded me of all the teen movies where the girl falls for the bad boy and comes out bigger, better, and stronger,” says Ella.

While a lone repeated piano note introduces the emotionally charged “Time Capsule Picture.” “This song is about someone who was a very significant part of your life, but as time keeps on, they become a blurry image of what once was” – Ella explains.


Rounding out her debut EP, “7’11′” notably taps the socio-cultural zeitgeist by taking on the great gender divide, straightforwardly confronting the seemingly unceasing inability of men to discern how women wish to be treated. Without necessarily trying to scream “feminism!” It has “empowerment anthem” written all over it. “No one should ever base their self-worth off of someone else’s opinion because you’re the only one you’re going home to at the end of the day. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and be happy with that person” says Ella.

Elsewhere, the edgy funk pulse of “Hard to be Good” is a particularly gritty track, on which she addresses the human inclination towards unfair judgment of others, and the difficulty of staying on an ethical course in life.


Ella K Sol may still be in high school, but her bright vocals and youthful songwriting talent spreads a sincere warmth and light, all while connecting and keeping it honest.


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