A Quick Guide To Caring For Your Leather Handbag

Investing in a designer handbag can be a great investment, as it will last you for many years to come and you should be able to make back a fair amount of the money you invested in it if you choose to sell it down the line, or even make a profit.

If you are considering making a purchase soon, check out this article for more of an idea of which bags to invest in if you want to make a mint down the line.

Of course, whether you plan on selling it or not, it is in your best interest to keep it in good condition and keep wear and tear to a minimum. Not only will people be willing to pay more for it, but it will last you longer too, and it is nice to look after the things we invest in.

So with that in mind, we thought we’d run through a few top tips for how to go about caring for your leather handbag.


Protect your handbag as soon as you bring it home

Prevention is the best cure when it comes to many things, and looking after your handbag is no exception. When we buy something that is brand new, we always try our best to keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible, and using a leather protection cream as soon as you get it home will go a long way to helping with this.

It will add a protective barrier that helps prevent staining and protects against wear and tear.


Clean your bag regularly

Don’t be that person who never cleans out their handbag and doesn’t even have a clue what’s in there half the time. As your leather bag is an investment, be sure to clean it regularly. Wipe it down with a damp cloth to give it a quick cleaning every now and then, but have it thoroughly cleaned by a professional every 2-3 months to keep it in great condition.


Only use special leather cleaners

We spoke to Lakeland Leather who told us “you should never use baby wipes or any home remedies such as vinegar to clean your leather products as these products have chemicals that can dry out the leather or cause it to lose colour.

Instead, use products that have been specially formulated to care for and protect leather, in order to extend their lifetime.”


Keep your bag inside its dust bag

Many high quality or designer handbags come with a dust bag, which, as the name suggests, is for keeping it protected from dust and grime. If your handbag isn’t being used, be sure to store it in its dust bag to prevent a buildup of dust and prevent any accidental scuffs or knocks.

You can always use a pillowcase if your bag didn’t come with a dust bag of its own. It’s also a good idea to stuff your bag with old clothes or bubble wrap to keep its shape while it isn’t being used.

Be careful where you put your bag down

Try to avoid putting your bag next to heat sources or in direct sunlight. Heat can cause the leather to dry and crack, which you obviously do not want.

Also be wary of putting your bag down on wet tables or dirty floors if you’re out for a meal, shopping, or just putting your bag next to your desk at work.

We hope this has helped to give you a bit of an idea of the basics of looking after your leather handbag. For a slightly more in-depth guide, check out this article from Luxury Insider.




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