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Interview with Suveria Mota | Founder of SUVERIA

Interview with Suveria Mota

SUVERIA – Luxury Vegan Lifestyle Brand is Expanding to Jewelry and Beauty

SUVERIA was created by Suveria Mota. An entrepreneur who with an artistic background and flair decided to create the premier number one luxury lifestyle vegan brand. Suveria launched her eponymous brand in 2019 offering luxurious women’s vegan high heels.

SUVERIA turns three on January 1 2022


Los Angeles recording artist, songwriter, and producer, Only Child, releases new song and video, “Text Me” via AWAL. Stream it here:  When asked about the song, Only Child shares, “I wrote and produced the song on a Saturday night, waiting for a girl to text me, driven by sheer childish […]

Why You Should Make the Switch to Natural, Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Why Do Some Deodorants Contain Aluminum, and What Does it Do to the Body? First, let’s talk about what the purpose is of putting aluminum in some deodorants. Deodorants containing aluminum are actually called “antiperspirants”. Aluminum salts within antiperspirants are the compounds that prevent sweating. These salts dissolve and essentially, […]