Fashion That Makes You Think This Is Different but Feels Right

Fashion That Makes You Think This Is Different but Feels Right
An up-and-coming fashion brand for women, Patrik Marquis is directed at the middle class, lush and beautiful apparel that is priced affordably. Upon launch and following the success of our upcoming campaign on Indiegogo, items within the Patrik Marquis catalog are going to include t-shirts, dresses, and skirts, and all patterns are designed by Patrik Marquis himself. This is a brand exploding forth onto the scene and attracting attention from all the right places, drawing eyes toward pieces that make a statement, that say “Fashion need not be placed on high where middle-class women can only stare off at it.” Patrik Marquis represents fashion that is at once stunning and obtainable.


In Patrik’s own words: “I enjoy seeing blouses and skirts and dresses that stick out but that also seem to be very much a comfortable part of the everyday world. There is a fascinating contrast there, this idea that something can seem to be of another place but simultaneously to seem perfectly at home right here. I want people to look at the clothing I produce and think This is different, but it feels right. I want people to look at my clothing and get just the faintest tingling of déjà vu.”


The Patrik Marquis campaign will be launching soon, and one of the perks will be the design that racks up the most likes. Like the designs that appeal to you most, follow Patrik Marquis on all social media platforms, and stay tuned for more information to come!




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