Humble N Boujee is a little bit of everything. Yeah, it’s about women empowerment, advice, relationships, lifestyle, fashion and reviews on shows and products..

sheila-Humble N Boujee

As the founder of Humble N Boujee, Sheila, always wanted to help people and share her own story and the things she learned on her journey. At the same time, she want to build a relationship with her followers and learn their story. As the every story is unique in our own way and there’s so much we can all learn from one another. So Sheila believe things happen for a reason, so anyone can share their lessons in life.

Humble N Boujee also shares a holistic view on life, love, lifestyle, music, and all of the experiences that make up our story. Sheila has a little bit of everything because everyone has a little bit of Humble N Boujee in them.

The good moments, the hard moments, the all part of our story. Growing up, Sheila learned how alike we all are and life can be beautiful, messy, and everything in between. It’s okay to deal with life your way. Who cares what anyone says and who cares what they think. Do what makes you happy and stay Humble N Boujee.




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