A Quick Guide to Winter Loungewear Shopping



When the cold winter months roll around, there’s nothing better than slipping into your comfiest clothes, curling up on the sofa with a brew and getting stuck into a Netflix boxset.


And while, in many ways, it’s nowhere near as fun as shopping for summer clothes, there’s something great about stocking up on comfy, warm loungewear for the winter season.


With that in mind, here are our top tips when it comes to stocking up on loungewear for the winter.


Comfort Over Style

First things first, as hard as it might be to hear, style largely goes out of the window here. The most important thing when buying loungewear is, of course, comfort, so you’ll want to pay extra attention to size, material and fit.


A popular rule of thumb is to go a size higher than you normally would, ensuring that anything you buy is nice and baggy and sure to keep you warm; anything too tight is going to be restricting and uncomfy.


As for material, the kind of things you want to be on the lookout for are cotton and viscose or anything soft! The last thing you want is the kind of itchy jumper that your gran would buy you. Here’s some top picks, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.



After comfort, the second most important thing about your loungewear is that it’s warm.


Make sure that you’re stocked up on big warm jumpers and always have one on hand while the other is in the wash.


As for nightwear, while a sexy nightie might do the trick in the summer, it’s time to put it into hibernation for a few months and find yourself a cute pair of pyjamas or even a fluffy onesie if it’s really cold in your house!


Heading Out

Of course, loungewear isn’t all about lounging around the house, so you’ll probably want something comfy, but practical and something which you’re comfortable being seen popping to the shops in.


Of course, if you’re the kind of gal who doesn’t mind walking the streets head to toe in a onesie, then go for it, but if you’d rather something a bit more discreet, opt for a trendy-looking tracksuit (such as these from Missy Empire), which you can wear right from the moment you get up to the moment you hit bed, including your weekly shop.



It doesn’t matter if you’re wrapped up like a toasty cinnamon bun if your feet are cold, your whole body is cold, so make sure you’ve got some comfy slippers to keep them nice and warm.


However, slippers these days aren’t just for kicking around the house in! Even the humble slipper is moving into the fashion world.


Summer was all about the slider, but you can continue that trend right through into the winter with a glam pair of fluffy sliders? Here are some examples from Vogue for some inspo.


If you’re not a slippers type of gal, at least make sure that you’ve got some nice fluffy slipper socks to keep your toes warm!

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