Three Reasons Why Everyone Needs A Mermaid Blanket This Autumn


For the past couple of years, the mermaid blanket has become a staple item for anyone who loves to be cosy. As soon as the colder months arrive we see an influx of adults, children, and even pets sporting this cosy yet fashionable item on various social media platforms.

While initially a little bit if a niche product, mermaid blankets are now available all over the place, and they’re really quite reasonable. We love these super affordable offerings from Missy Empire!

Is it a homeware item? Is it a fashion statement? We believe it’s both, and we also believe that you definitely need one, so here are our top three reasons why everybody should invest in a mermaid blanket this autumn!


They’re very very cosy

Having warm feet can make or break how comfortable you feel, so having your feet wrapped up in a super cosy tail is, in our opinion, the perfect solution. No more accidentally dangling outside of a regular blanket when you change position on the sofa, as that isn’t possible in this clever yet magical faux tail.

We absolutely love loungewear just as much as the next person, but there’s just something so much more fancy about having a giant tail to wear, y’know?


You can pretend to be a mermaid

You may technically be an adult, but who said growing up means an end to playing dress-up? That possibly may be a thing that some people do say, but you and I both know that those people are wrong, and putting on a massive knitted tail and pretending to be a mermaid is an important part of life.

Why not put on your favourite mermaid themed movie (or movie very tenuously related to mermaids) and get really into character? We’ve found this handy list of the best mermaid movies for you if you need a little bit of inspiration.


Do it for the likes

The blanket itself is reason enough to dust off your bank card, but let’s be honest, the social media appeal really doesn’t hurt either.

There’s no denying that you’ll look cool as hell sporting your new tail, so why not take the opportunity to snap a few #OOTD or #OOTN pics and upload them to the ‘gram? As you can see, the mermaid blanket hashtag is a rather popular one!

And why stop there, we reckon you could also rack up a fair few likes on Facebook and Twitter, and it would be a great addition to your Snapchat story!

You could take it one step further and ‘let’ your pet try it on, you know, for science… and be sure to share the evidence so that everybody can enjoy it. Everybody loves a pet picture, but a cute pet dressed up is next level.


We hope this has given you some inspiration into why you need to hop on the bandwagon of this particularly fab autumn trend now that the months are getting rather chilly!



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