How to make a puff in your Hair without Hairspray

How to make a puff in your Hair without

Full Puff Hair Updos which you can do yourself..
Full Puff Hair Updo is very easy, simple and elegant, which you can do in daily routine or party as well. In this video you can see, using an artificial puff here for the perfect arch in your Puff Hairstyle. This hair updo is long lasting and stay as it is all day. Using an artificial poof under your hair is a perfect method to keep your puff round and long lasting.

This Style is good for those having a small forehead because it makes your forehead look bigger.



This full puff hairstyle hair updo is easy to learn for beginners. This style is great for both medium and long hair.

Make a poof and pinup at back of open hair. It looks very cute. simple and elegant on medium or long hair.

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